The Meaning of Life

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Book Five in the New Perspectives Series:
The Meaning of Life



The new perspectives series focuses on societal change.

I have discussed the idea of effective societal change with many people. A very large percentage of them have tried to convince me that it is wrong to try to change the basic realities of existence, or even to think about trying to change them.

Their arguments often focus around their beliefs about why we are here on this world.

Many people believe that life is supposed to be hard. We are supposed to suffer and the structures that make us suffer are here specifically to make this happen. The most common argument to this effect holds that this planet is not the ‘real’ life for our essence or soul, it is only a testing ground. We were placed here, in these physical bodies on this physical world, in order to go through various tests to determine whether our soul or essence is worthy of advancing to a higher level or better place after we leave this testing ground.

The problems are supposed to be here. Otherwise, we would not be getting a good test.

There are many versions of this story. Most organized religions have adopted it in one form or another, because it provides really effective rationalizations for accepting things that organized religions want people to accept. But this mindset induces people to accept things as they are and not even try to change them. In fact, it leads people to believe that they are acting immorally by even allowing their minds to think about ways that we make our existence better.

If they allow their minds to think about this, we are accepting on a conscious level that we don’t entirely believe that all the horrors and misery are here because they are supposed to be here. Many people believe that they are being judged on their thoughts; if they allow themselves to doubt that powers that are higher than humans are in charge of realities here on earth, their thoughts will be detected and they will have failed what many people believe is the most critical test they believe they face in this earthly existence, the test of faith. They have shown that they don’t really believe—with all their hearts—and condemned their souls to whatever horrible fate awaits people who show disrespect for the one or ones that are in charge of real reality.

The Meaning Of Life looks at these same issues from a new perspective:

What if reality is real?

What if the things we see around us, the things that science can measure and categorize, the things our senses detect and which every bit of evidence that we all agree exists confirms, is the real world? In fact, very recent scientific advances have given us new tools that we can use to evaluate the possibility that this may be true.

If we can accept the possibility that this may be true in our minds, the most significant roadblock to societal change basically disappears. As hard as this may be for many of us to admit, the real reason that we have not changed the basic realities of our existence (our societies) so far is that we haven’t made any serious attempt to do so. I believe the main reason for this is that we have a kind of fear: we are afraid that we aren’t supposed to be trying these things, or even allowing our minds to think about what may be tried.

The Meaning of Life presents new information—all of which you can easily verify is true and almost all of which did not even exist a few decades ago—to help you see that this fear is unfounded. There is very real evidence that can help us accept that the earth is an isolated world in a remote part of the universe and that life evolved her in accordance with very understandable scientific principles. The evidence is in details that were not known only a short time ago. The Meaning of Life presents this new evidence.


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