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This site is under construction. When construction is complete, the prices will be adjusted to market levels based on standard pricing models.

In the meantime, we will be offering access at a nominal rate to generate interest and talk before the official launch of the site.

The standard pre-release membership will cost $1.

The premium pre-release membership will cost $5.


Membership Options


Standard members will get access to all five parts of the main book of this series, Possible Societies. This is the information that the authors would like to make available to as many people as possible for the lowest possible price. Unfortunately, the basic realities of the internet make it impossible to provide it with no membership or fees, because hackers have robots that search for and infect open access websites and the only way to make sure these robots don’t find the site is to require payment: robots don’t pay for access to the sites they intend to destroy.

Standard members will have the right to make public comments on all posts.

They will also have access to the first chapter of the five extended access books, Forensic History, Anatomy of Destruction, Preventing Extinction, and the final book in the series The Meaning of Life.

Premium members will get access to all of the content of the site, including the resources section that includes full editions of hundreds of books laid out in categories that deal with different aspects of societies, access to interactive discussion groups, and the ability to send emails directly to the authors and members of the staff.


When the site is officially launched and advertising begins, access will be provided on a subscription basis. People who sign up before this will have a membership with for the one time fee, as listed above that will last until Jan 1, 2025. There will be no costs for this period of time.


Quid Pro Quo

If you feel that you are getting more than your money’s worth for access to this site, and want to give something back, we would like to make two requests:

1. First, since this is a work in progress, there are errors we want corrected. Please note them and post comments about issuers related to grammar, syntax, and defects in writing style. Don’t worry about insulting us in this regard. It is better to have a mental bruise and get the problem corrected than have pride intact and present a non-professional document to the world.

2. Spread the word. The authors involved in this project all agree on a few key points, including the fact that the human race is currently headed to extinction, and standard tools used to try to prevent this are not working. The books presented in this site explain a non-standard approach, a different way of looking at the realities of existence on earth that, we hope, will open mental doors to new ways of thinking. The primary goal of the books presented on this site is to help people see that it is worth thinking about and talking about these matters. It is to open discussions. The more people discussing the issues of importance here, the more likely we are to find real solutions.